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Think Your Landlord Is the Worst? Check the Latest Rankings Based on NYC Housing Data.

Most New Yorkers complain about their landlords. Some just have more things to gripe about than others -- like the poor suckers who rent an apartment from one of these people on the notorious 100 worst landlords list, which is compiled each year by the NYC Public Advocate’s office.

The latest rankings for 2016 just came out yesterday, and it includes some familiar names. Three of the top 5 have made the list two years in row. And by “top,” we really mean bottom -- as in, bad. The rankings are based on actual city data, including the number of housing- and building-code violations per building.

At least one really badly ranked landlord took issue with his placement on the list, telling NBC-4 that he’s fixed most of the violations at his properties, but the city just hasn’t certified these improvements yet. So, maybe the list isn’t perfect, but it’s still a pretty damning look at the sheer amount of subpar housing conditions in this ultra-high-rent city of ours.

Here are the top 10 “worst” landlords for 2016:

1. Harry D. Silverstein (2082 violations in 8 buildings; 575 units)
2. Allan Goldman (1208 violations across 25 buildings; 187 units)
3. Efstathios Valiotis (1141 violations across 8 buildings; 237 units)
4. Martin Kirzner (1059 violations across 11 buildings; 280 units)
5. Ved Parkash (1020 violations across 4 buildings; 257 units)
6. Mark Silber (1003 violations across 10 buildings; 216 units)
7. Michael Niamonitakis (949 violations across 5 buildings; 225 units)
8. Felix Gomez (942 violations across 6 buildings; 260 units)
9. Rawle Isaacs (891 violations across 4 buildings; 214 units)
10. Joel Kohn (856 violations across 23 buildings; 152 units)

Check out the full rankings here.

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