Travel to Another Dimension at This Psychedelic Immersive Exhibit in Philly

Otherworld opens August 4.

Otherworld | Photo courtesy of Otherworld
Otherworld | Photo courtesy of Otherworld

Remember when a bunch of celebrities paid a quarter of a million dollars at the mere prospect of going to space? At the time, we gawked at the idea, but now, with only a month left of summer and a chaotic election season imminent, escaping to another dimension sounds pretty good.

As it turns out, at Otherworld in Northeast Philadelphia, you can enter what feels like an entirely different universe without a down payment.

Opening August 4, choose your own adventure at the hypnotic exhibit and traverse through over 55 rooms and installations full of surrealist art, vibrant colors, and interactive decor, all up to your own interpretation. The mixed-reality playground feels akin to Where the Wild Things Are, with its variety of majestic, ethereal creatures sprawled throughout, inviting you and your imagination to wander.

Photo by Shannon Nicole, courtesy of Otherworld

Adorned with mystical mushrooms and moss, enchanting trees, and celestial lights, Otherworld encourages you to embrace your inner-child and rediscover just how magical life can be. Climb up neon ladders, enter luminescent portals, and journey through an emerald labyrinth at the extraordinary, multisensory sanctuary. Coalescing science fiction with fantasy, the interplanetary exhibit is entirely self-guided, inviting you to get lost at your leisure.

Otherworld | Photo by Shannon Nicole, courtesy of Otherworld

Otherworld originated in Columbus, Ohio, and Philadelphia is their second location, featuring even larger-scale spaces than before. The immersive experience, which partnered with Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group, showcases over 100 artists, modelers, animators, creative technologists, fabricators, and more.

Tickets for the mind-bending exhibit are already on sale and start at $34.99. Given the roaring success of their first iteration, make sure to buy yours ASAP.

The Otherworld Philadelphia immersive exhibit opens August 4 at 2500 Grant Avenue.

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