Why North Broad Street Will Be the Next NoLibs

Published On 11/25/2015 Published On 11/25/2015

SOUTH settled up north

SOUTH (address and info)

Spring Garden
It’s almost a reflex to assume a Philly restaurant called SOUTH would be located on South St, but quite the contrary. The new eatery, located just by Mount Vernon St, not only brings new Southern comfort food to the North Broad scene, but also a healthy dose of live music, as it doubles as a jazz venue.

Santucci's Pizza North Broad

Your favorite square pizza has also found a new home

Santucci’s (address and info)

Santucci’s is known for no-nonsense pizza crust that can withstand any number of toppings you wish and put any Chicago-style pizza to shame. The local square-pizza chain has added a new location not far from SOUTH, bringing the Italian specialities, which have always been synonymous with South Philly, up north with a menu that includes way more than just pizza, from savory crepes to homemade cannoli.

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In fact, now there’s even a Lorraine bar

Lorraine (address and info)

This hidden speakeasy, located  just a stone’s throw from the hotel, was revived earlier this year, creating the perfect spot (with an outdoor space) for a quiet cocktail in an area otherwise seeing a lot of construction. The no-frills bar is a great edition to Francisville, bringing more craft beer to the neighborhood.

Bar Hygge

Earth Bread + Brewery will be available even closer to Center City

Bar Hygge (address and info)

Bar Hygge, a brewpub from Mt. Airy’s Earth Bread + Brewery, will be pouring beers near North Broad St at 17th & Fairmount before 2015 has wrapped. The menu will feature American fare paired with, of course, the beer that makes the brewery one of Philly’s best.

Alla Spina Philly

And let’s not forget these established standbys...

Alla Spina (address and info)

While the influx of new business is helping to make Avenue of the Arts North more of a thing, there are a few locations that have been killin’ it up there for years, and are bound to get even better thanks to their new neighbors. For an Italian gastropub experience look no further than Alla Spina, the space harkening back to Philly’s industrial past and serving brunch, dinner, and happy hour at Mount Vernon St.

Osteria (address and info)

Osteria’s North Broad location isn’t far from SOUTH, and, following its 2007 opening, quickly became one of the city’s best Italian restaurants -- a well-deserved status that hasn’t changed much over the years. The open kitchen makes it ideal for scouting out when your Neapolitan pizza is headed your way.

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Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
1. SOUTH 600 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130

Skeptics may be wary of a restaurant specializing in Southern cuisine in the middle of one of Philly’s rising areas, but one visit to SOUTH will convince them otherwise. SOUTH elevates comfort food with dishes like chicken fried oysters, crawfish bisque, Carolina shrimp and grits, and crispy potato dumplings. With a generous outdoor garden and an indoor space complete with skylights and jazz performance areas, the airy, laid-back ambience is a great place to grab the slow-sipper summer berry cobbler cocktail and some hushpuppies.

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2. Santucci's Original Square Pizza 901 S 10th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

A Philly tradition since 1959, Santucci's isn’t serving up your traditional slice -- the pies are square, and the sauce is on top. Toppings are pretty standard, but our favorite is still the Original Signature pie, with extra cheese. The pizza itself is pretty thick -- somewhere between a Sicilian and a grandma slice -- with an abundant helping of sweet, tart sauce.

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3. Lorraine 1502 Brown St, Philadelphia, PA 19130

This place is one of the reason why we think that North Broad Street will be the next NoLibs.

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4. Bar Hygge 1720 Fairmount Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19130

A window wall shines light on this Spring Garden brewpub on Fairmount, serving malted suds from the onsite Brewery Techné (which you can see from the lounge area through a reclaimed window). Despite the name, the food is isn’t Danish but New American with international touches: mushroom fondue with Oaxaca cheese and Mornay mushrooms, buttermilk chicken bites, Wagyu steak over scalloped potatoes. Perhaps the definition of barnyard-chic, the space is covered in salvaged window panes and distressed wood, with a blood red sofa, velvety ottomans, and an array of armchairs in to plant your beer-filled body in.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
5. Alla Spina 1410 Mt. Vernon St, Philadelphia, PA 19130

Alla's is housed in the back half of the old Wilkie dealership with mismatched seating, a bar made of crushed beer bottles, and a ton of wall (and ceiling) space coated in graffiti -- a truly rare find, considering the pristine nature of North Broad.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
6. Osteria 640 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19130

Check out this trattoria featuring wood grilled meats and fish, thin crust pizzas, and homemade pasta. Osteria is a real gourmet heavyweight in Philly. Its 100+ Italian wine list has nearly everything you could crave with your meal. The Ventri family has created a warm and inviting atmosphere that’s great for date nights or special occasions.