7 Reasons Why Arizona Is the Best State for Medical Marijuana

You might still be reeling from Arizona’s recent election in which Prop 205, the recreational marijuana bill, didn’t pass by a tight margin. While weed enthusiasts around the state can agree this was a disappointing development, we have some pretty good news for those who can smoke legally: Arizona is still the best state for medical marijuana. Don’t believe us? We’ve broken it down (and taken out all the stems) for you.

There’s strength in numbers

There are nearly 100 dispensaries and 90,000 registered patients in the Arizona, and that number is growing. That means pickup is easier, and the chances of you having to smoke alone are pretty low. It won’t be hard to ail your aching bones (or glaucomic eyes, or insomniac tendencies) with other folks who believe in herbal medicine.

Practice makes perfect

Medical marijuana has been legal for six years in Arizona -- which is a relatively long time compared to most of the other 28 states that have legalized it. During this time, all those dispensaries mentioned above have been built and tens of thousands of patients have been registered for herbal remedies. Those patients also have been given the right to cultivate their own marijuana, and things have begun to run pretty smoothly -- so AZ knows what’s up when it comes to legal weed.

The price is right

According to The Phoenix New Times, Arizona boasts some of the cheapest weed prices for high quality product in the nation. The average cost of an ounce is $298.08, compared to the $320.11 national average. We always have appreciated the low cost of living out here.

You won’t have to fight for your rights

Legally, your employer can’t discriminate against you for being a medical marijuana patient. So you don’t have to worry about losing your job over your choice in medication -- we just recommend you don’t go to work high or you can get fired. As an extra bonus, your status as a patient won’t become public knowledge when you get your medical marijuana card, so if you want to keep things under wraps, no one has to know.

Arizona has some of the best munchies

Have you ever heard of Cheba Hut? It’s basically stoner food paradise. The classic sandwich shop offers its sizes as nugs, pinners, or blunts and the sandwiches have names like Kush, Chronic, and Dank. Our favorite is the classic White Widow, a chicken sandwich topped with their signature ranch, mushrooms, bacon and provolone cheese. The best part is that there’s locations all over the Valley -- and you don’t even have to leave your house to get your hands on one of their delicious sandwiches, they’ll bring them right to you.

Sharing is caring, and a friend in need...

If you live too far away from a dispensary, you can grow up to 12 of your own plants, and can even give your weed away to five other patients for free so long as you’re a certified caregiver. Caregivers can purchase, transport, and grow medical cannabis in limited quantities as long as as they’re registered with the state, comply with laws and pay taxes. In AZ, you can get your daily dose of medication and good karma at the same time.  

You can enjoy scenic smoking

Arizona has some of the most beautiful views in the world (think the Grand Canyon and the saguaro cactus), and what’s more relaxing than enjoying some marijuana in the beautiful outdoors? Technically, smoking and eating edibles in a public place (or on public transit) isn’t legal even if you’re a patient, but we won’t tell if you don’t. Or you can just get friendly with someone who has a great view and light up legally on private property.

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Jamie Killin is a Phoenix writer, follow her on Twitter @jamiekillin or on Instagram @jamiefayekillin.