8 Illegal Date Ideas in Phoenix That We Would Never, Ever Condone

Here at Thrillist, we’re big believers in following the law, staying out of trouble and enjoying nice, quiet dates. However, just in case you want to live life a little more on the edge, we’ve created a list of date ideas that might get you in a little bit of trouble, or land you in a jail cell while you’re trying to break out of the dinner-and-a-movie routine. Just know, we would never in any way condone these actions...

Sing in a public place while wearing a swimsuit

How to pull this off even though we’re explicitly asking you not to do it: This one’s pretty easy, just throw on your swimsuits and start belting out a duet of the latest Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.” We would recommend saving this one for a day date at the public pool -- stripping down to matching bikini and trunks at Ernie’s draws a bit more attention.
Law you’d be breaking: Yes, it is in fact illegal to sing in a public place while wearing a swimsuit... the more you know.

Light off some fireworks

How to get away with this despite our repeated attempts to end your crime spree: For the majority of the year, it’s illegal to light off fireworks, but we know there are few things as romantic. So dazzle your date by stocking up this coming Fourth of July, then wait until fireworks are officially prohibited and light up the sky with your date somewhere police officers don’t frequent -- we’d say a nice family park is probably your best bet, just avoid any children and animals who are helpless against your delinquency.
Law you’d be breaking: Lighting off fireworks when it’s not New Year's or the Fourth of July.

Sneak into the movies

How to make this work in spite of our repeated protests: If you’re looking to relive your old high school dates and minimize your chance of finding yourself in the slammer after your night out, this is probably the date for you. To make the whole thing work you have to find the right theater -- preferably one run by a bunch of clueless 25 year olds that has an open lobby without the person who takes your ticket blocking the way in. Then, you and your date just walk quickly to your desired theater and enjoy.
Law you’d be breaking: Trespassing, we think?

Explore Trotting Park

How to successfully tour this abandoned park even though we’re rolling our eyes and sighing at you: In case you haven’t heard of it, let us debrief you: Trotting Park is an abandoned horse racing arena out in Goodyear that is under serious lockdown. To be successful in this unsupervised tour, you have to move quickly, try not to hurt yourself jumping fences, and, when all else fails, run as fast as you can away from security. We recommend finding an accomplice you know can keep up and is into barbed wire, threatening signs, and a full adrenaline-filled night.
Law you’d be breaking: Trespassing, definitely trespassing.

Get a hotel using a fake name in Buckeye

How to get away with this despite our repeated threats to turn you in: While plenty of celebrities use fake names to preserve their anonymity while staying in hotels, those shenanigans are not tolerated in Buckeye, AZ. So take your date out west (assuming they’ve agreed to make this an overnight adventure) and wow them with your ability to make up a name that’s juuuust believable enough -- who’s going to have the guts to ask if your name is really Anna Conda?  
Law you’d be breaking: Identity fraud

Drinking in a public park

How to get away with this despite our clear disapproval: There’s something a little extra thrilling about getting buzzed with a new fling, especially somewhere you’re not supposed to, which in Arizona is any public place that’s not a bar or restaurant. You can make it romantic by setting up a little picnic, and, then as a finishing touch, put your vodka and Sprite in an undercover cup. See, super romantic, right?
Law you’d be breaking: Public intoxication.

Cliff jumping

How to pull this off despite the fact that we absolutely don’t condone your behavior: Cliff jumping is a classic Arizona activity perfect for a pair of rebels like you and your date -- unfortunately it’s one that’s also illegal, but we doubt that will stop you. So if this is what you really want to do, find the tallest cliff that is out of the watchful eye of law enforcement, grab your partner’s hand, and take the plunge. While we don’t recommend this at all, we’d say Lake Pleasant is probably the spot to go to. If we were were encouraging you to ignore the law.
Law you’d be breaking: Self endangerment, possibly trespassing if you find yourself in a private spot.

Sneak into a hotel and go swimming in its pool

How to pull this off even though we are very disappointed by your disregard for the law: At most resorts all this takes is a confident stride and minimal eye contact, maybe add in a friendly wave toward staff members to really make it seem like you belong. If all else fails, you and your date can pretend like it’s your honeymoon, because who’s going to bother a pair of newlyweds?
Law you’d be breaking: Trespassing.

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Jamie Killin is a Phoenix writer who occasionally enjoys a risky date. Follow her on Twitter at @jamiekillin and on Instagram at @jamiefayekillin.