12 San Diego New Year's Resolutions

Besides a new president, a (hopefully) better economy, and (inevitably) higher rent, there are some big changes ahead for us in the coming year. We’re resolving to make commitments we can actually stick to, unlike sober January. How about actually leaving town for a weekend, or switching up your tired hiking route, or even trying a new bar? That doesn't sound so bad, right? In that case, here are 12 completely reasonable resolutions to make 2016 the best year you've ever had.

1. We resolve to actually go to Comic Con this year

At the very least, we resolve to go to the free stuff that doesn’t require a badge.

2. We resolve to finally try Barrel Republic’s beer-by-the-ounce bar

Trying a bunch of different beers and getting as much or as little as you like sounds amazing and dangerous at the same time.

3. We resolve to bike more often

When the sun doesn’t set at 4:40pm, that is.

4. We resolve to find new hiking trails

We're moving beyond the clichés that are Torrey Pines or Potato Chip Rock. Adventure time.

5. We resolve to go on more weekend trips

Baja, Bear Mountain, Palm Springs, wherever. We're actually going this year instead of talking about how many great weekend destinations are nearby.

6. We resolve to check out more hidden San Diego gems

The Spruce Street suspension bridge and the mushroom caves in Solana Beach have been there for so long, and yet we've never been. This is the year.

7. We resolve to actually stop at stop signs

This one might actually be tough. But, man, are we gonna give it our best.

8. We resolve to eat more organic food

Even if that means organic Oreos.


9. We resolve to brunch more, because that’s a thing now

We’ve heard Breakfast Republic’s breakfast mac ‘n' cheese is delicious, and Crack Shack’s breakfast sandwiches are worth the line.

10. We resolve to use our time sitting on the 5 more productively

We're restocking on books on tape and Spanish lessons.

11. We resolve to do more touristy things

Why not! Let's kayak the sea caves in La Jolla or go to The San Diego Zoo! It sounds fun!

12. We resolve to go to more concerts

This city has cool venues like the North Park Observatory and the Belly Up. There's no need to crush the new season of House of Cards in two nights.

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Ellen Wright is a freelancer at Thrillist who may have bitten off more than she can chew for 2016. Harass her on Twitter so she actually sticks to her resolutions: @PacificPolished