The 7 Most 'San Diego' Things That Happened in 2015

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San Diego may get a bad rap for being super laid back (is that so bad, though?), but real issues affect us -- issues like illegal weed farming and elementary school yoga. Okay... maybe we are pretty laid back. With that in mind, here are the most San Diego happenings that made headlines this year.

Pot growers got drought shamed

This year, nearly 100 illegal grow houses were shut down, the majority using stolen water, according to an article in The Union Tribune. Since then, local police have used a new tactic to deter would-be growers: drought shaming. At a press conference, police said that the amount of water used at the shuttered weed operations could have provided 440 homes with water. On the other hand, it’s still a bit hazy how many homes were provided with pot.

President Obama crashed a wedding

The president visited San Diego in October, and became quite the party animal. While playing a round at the famed Torrey Pines golf course, Obama inadvertently crashed a wedding gathered on the lawn overlooking the 18th hole. The bride and groom put their ceremony on hold to watch the president play out. Obama met the couple, posing for one-of-a-kind wedding photos and an unbeatable dinner party story. We don’t believe he had Owen Wilson as a wingman, but who knows. Crazier things have happened.

The Oceanside Police Department had a bong scare

There was a giant misunderstanding when a woman went to the police station to turn in a bong. The volunteer at the front desk heard, "I have a bomb in my purse," so he immediately retrieved the sergeant, who searched her bag only to find the bong she said she had. The volunteer misheard her and everyone laughed in nervous relief. Apparently, the bong belonged to squatters discovered at the woman’s property, and brought it to the station to be destroyed. Sure, lady...

San Diego’s craft beer scene went global

San Diego’s craft beer scene has exploded over the past decade and you’d be hard-pressed to find a weekend where there isn’t one beer festival or another. No beer screams San Diego more than the hop-heavy IPA, a trend Stone Brewing had a hand in starting 20 years ago. So it’s fitting Escondido-based Stone is taking their beer abroad. In 2016, they will open the first independently-operated American craft brewery in, where else, Germany. World domination through hoppy beer is pretty damn San Diego.

Yoga in elementary school pissed off parents

Yoga is now taught in Encinitas elementary schools as part of physical education but some parents are not into the sun salutations. A group of parents fought the school district on grounds that yoga is inherently religious, an opinion the state courts did not share. After a long legal battle, yoga prevailed, and now the youth in Encinitas can practice their upward facing dog and also learn a lesson in early age rebellion.

Medical marijuana makes people skinnier according to San Diego State

Smoking weed is usually associated with the munchies, yet SDSU researchers may have proven that stereotype wrong. The study, published in early December, says states with legal medical marijuana have obesity rates 2 to 6% lower than the national average. Supposedly, smokers replace calorie-laden alcohol with weed, and older people who take it have better mobility. Fewer calories, moving around more... I guess I buy it. I’m no researcher, but if Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg are representative samples, then yes, weed definitely makes you thinner.

Rain freaked people out

Water falling from the sky is perhaps the most confusing thing to a San Diegan, considering it rarely happens. So when it does, people lose it. The highway system becomes a mess due to flooding. General mayhem breaks out. This year, with El Nino very much upon us, it’s no surprise that the city needed to set up two hotlines -- that’s right, two -- because one apparently wasn’t enough. City officials are even exploring whether the heavy rains make us eligible for emergency exemptions. This (might) be an emergency people! At least the plants are happy -- they need the rain more than we hate it.

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Ellen Wright is a freelancer at Thrillist who is still learning how to use an umbrella. Follow her on Twitter, if she hasn’t already melted: @PacificPolished