Every Question You Have About Voting Today in San Francisco, California, Answered

Election day
Oren Aks/Thrillist

Congratulations, America: You've almost survived Election Season 2016. Sure, you stopped having sex entirely. You gave up porn. You even think "death by meteorite" is a better option than either candidate. But it's finally coming to an end. To help you safely get off this celibacy-inducing campaign trail, we dug up the answers to every thing you need to know to cast your vote tomorrow… and then find your way to a good cocktail that can help you forget this election season ever happened. 

Am I registered? 

Don't needlessly waste your valuable morning coffee time at the polls, only to find out you didn't actually remember to register. Check your registration status in advance. Like, now. Thankfully California makes it easy: Just check your voter registration online.

If you're not registered, well, it's too late. We're sorry you won't get to wear a sticker tomorrow that announces you perform your civic duties. 

Where is my polling location?

Drop in your voter information to check where to cast your ballot tomorrow.  

What do I need to bring to vote?

If you've voted in California before, don't worry about it: No ID is required. If it's your first time, you registered by mail, and you didn't provide ID information, bring a valid photo ID with your name on it (like your driver's license, passport, or a credit card).

When does my poll open? 

If you're feeling extra patriotic, you can cast a vote at 7am and be in one of San Francisco's best coffee shops by 7:17am. 

When does my poll close?

If your AM political commitments are limited to rewatching Alec Baldwin nail his Trump impressions, don't worry: You have until 8pm to vote. Grab a drink afterwards. You deserve it after this election season. 

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