The 14 Best Cannabis Shops in Seattle

For happy hours and medically certified budtenders, look no further than these dispensaries for weed in Seattle.

It’s no secret that Seattle is a pothead’s paradise. Washington was one of the first states to legalize weed way back in 2012, and it’s now home to over 500 dispensaries statewide—meaning that, when it comes to bud, we are really and truly spoiled for choice. From edibles and pre-rolls to tinctures and teas, there’s no shortage of flavors, doses, and deals to be had—and no shortage of budtenders willing to guide you through the myriad of options. Here are our 14 favorite pot shops in Seattle, all of which are guaranteed to provide a high quality experience.

Home of the “original” wake-and-bake special (10% off all non-sale items from open to noon), this queer-owned shop used to host a rotating group of visiting vendors every Friday, pre-COVID. It’s unclear when the vendors will return, but the shop is still open and going strong (its five-year anniversary is May 2022), and budtender Bob is still serving up his cannabis-infused recipes in the meantime.

Ballard’s first cannabis shop is nestled in a blue house on the corner of 8th Avenue and 65th Street, right across from the Goodwill and catty corner to everyone’s favorite convenience store slash restaurant, Choice. Thus, it’s perfectly located for an afternoon of smoking, thrifting, and eating, and with daily specials like Munchie Monday and Fat Sack Friday, you’ll be back here before you know it.

Ponder Cannabis Shop

Central District

Ponder’s medically certified budtenders are some of the best in the biz, and whether you’re looking for medicinal or recreational marijuana, you’ll be in good hands. Fast-acting edibles, fruit punch infused pre-rolls, an entire menu dedicated to chocolates, green revolution beverages, and tinctures are just a few of the categories offered; you can also shop their “curated ideas” section if you’re not sure where to start.

OZ. is Fremont’s oldest licensed cannabis dispensary (they first opened their doors in 2015) and it shows: Every single item offered comes with a full page explanation hanging on a clipboard, all written by staff members who have personal experience with the product. The OZ. menu is updated daily (sometimes multiple times a day), so check back frequently for new products, like the Fancies hash joints from Falcanna or the Zookies flower from High Five.


Capitol Hill

For organic and sustainably grown weed, visit Ruckus in Capitol Hill (or the soon-to-be-opened location in Belltown). Here, the bud is eco-friendly while still being cheap, as in you can score an eighth for less than 10 bucks. Weekly price cuts sweeten the deal, and joining their loyalty program gets you even better prices.

Uncle Ike’s

Various locations

Seattle's most visible marijuana slinger boasts outposts on Capitol Hill, Lake City, and White Center, but it's their flagship location at 23rd & Union that serves as a sort of billboard for recreational weed and, as summer 2021, booze (Glass and Goods was replaced by a new bottle shop last July). Oh, and they also have a "daily deals" program that can get you up to 55% off select items, and what might be the coolest phone number ever: 1.800.GET.DRUGS.

The fact that number 40 only owns 5% of the shop hasn't stopped them from splashing his name on the place, or leaning hard into the Reign Man's legendary Sonics career via everything from the giant mural outside to the NBA Jam video game cabinets inside, but this buzz-worthy pot shop is more than just fan service. Its spacious interior boasts a seemingly endless array of counters featuring more than 2,500 different products for you to choose from.

Have a Heart

Various locations

This prolific cannabis concern has five locations in Washington State (plus stores in Oregon and California), but it's their Belltown location, just a few blocks away from the Space Needle, with its vividly hued walls and whimsical contemporary light fixtures, that is normally the perfect spot to take your out-of-town friends. You won't find a more knowledgeable and eager-to-help staff than the crew here, or better organized displays. You'll also find some sweet deals thanks to a generous rewards program, daily promotions, and regular sales like their 10-year anniversary blowout culminating on 4/20.

Part modern marijuana shop and part museum, what really sets this big, bright shop apart is an almost overwhelming amount of information for you to peruse (their menu is literally a book), and exhibits dedicated to the history and science of marijuana, as well as regular presentations from people like Chelsea Cebara, an expert on weed and sex... or sex on weed... or whatever, you get the idea.



Located just 5 minutes from Seatac—they also have locations in Pullman and on Vashon Island—this shop is ordinarily the perfect place to stop after a long flight. But it's a pretty good choice for anyone thanks to quality products at "rock bottom" prices ($6 pre-rolls, $6 edibles, etc.), and deals like their morning and late night happy hours.

LUX Pot Shop

Various locations

Formerly called Stash Pot Shop (they changed the name after legal pressure from a tea company), this growing operation now boasts outposts in Ballard and Lake City, as well as a new-ish location in Fremont that opened in 2020 despite the impact of the COVID-19. What sets LUX apart is the minimalist design of its shops, a commitment to the community (up to 20% of vendor sales go to support nonprofits), and their use of technology, including touch screens you can use to shop before meeting a budtender. And if that's not enough, they also have their own streetwear line.

Literally the greenest weed shop in Seattle (or maybe anywhere) GFC's lofted industrial space boasts a green ceiling, walls, green counters, and comfy green couches in the lounge space up front. Oh, and it's got plenty of green things for you to buy as well—flower, pre-rolls, cartridges, concentrates, etc.—as well as a large collection of beautiful, and fully functional, glass products.

The Reef

Various locations

With a clean concrete and wood-heavy interior designed by famed Seattle architects Olson Kundig, and giant jellyfish mural on the outside, this arresting shop’s Capitol Hill location is perhaps its most famous; customers can browse products at the expansive bar or in their window "bubbles," take advantage of express order lanes, or even use iPads around the store to place orders. What’s more, The Reef now has a second location in Georgetown, which recently opened as a self-proclaimed “coliseum of cannabis.”

Follow the twinkling arrow on the Vertigo Builiding's iconic neon sign into GG's lofted, brick-lined interior where you'll be surrounded by jewel-like counters and welcomed by some of the city's most knowledgeable and relaxed budtenders, who will help you choose from the largest selection of strains, edibles, and concentrates of any pot shop in Washington.

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