15 Guilty Pleasures Every Seattleite Secretly Loves

We love our artisanal coffee, breathtaking hikes, and telling you about every single thing on the menu at Dick’s. But there are also some things we Seattleites take the utmost pleasure in that revel in their own simplicity. Admit it, you may not know a thing about football, but you’ll be damned if the spirit of the 12th man doesn’t pump through your veins. Here are our most guilty of pleasures:

Secretly loving every rainy day

“Seattle is so gloomy. You definitely don’t want to move here,” you tell anyone thinking of calling Seattle home. Of course this is a big, fat lie. You love staying inside and having a good Netflix binge on those rainy days.

Acting like a coffee expert when you only go to Starbucks

It’s technically local, right? Definitely.

International Fountain at the Seattle Center
Flickr/Andy Nystrom

Running through the International Fountain at the Seattle Center

Are you a grown adult? Yes. Can you resist running as close as possible to the International Fountain without getting sprayed in the face? Hell no!

dick's seattle
Flickr/darwin Bell

Eating at Dick’s while making dick jokes

It’s a long, hard job, but someone has to do it.

Complaining about the Seattle Freeze while actively doing it to others

Making friends is hard to do in Seattle. So hard, in fact, that we have a special term for it. It sucks, and you’ll complain about it, but you probably won’t actually do anything to make it better. Besides, Game of Thrones is on tonight, and people are overrated.

Il Corvo
Il Corvo | Flickr/Jameson Fink

Unabashedly waiting in line for cheap pasta

Il Corvo in Pioneer Square is only open for lunch during the week, and long lines out the door highlight that fact. Fortunately, it’s also the best pasta in the city.

"Working" from home on a Friday


Belting out "Thrift Shop" at a karaoke bar

We’ve all been there.

Fremont Solstice Bike Ride
Fremont Solstice Bike Ride | Flickr/Daimon Eklund

Checking out everyone at the naked bike ride

Hundreds of people strip down, paint their bodies, and bike around Fremont each year to celebrate the summer solstice. You’ve looked. We’ve all looked.

cream cheese hot dog
Flickr/Joey Rozier

Staying out all night in Capitol Hill just to eat a Seattle dog

Clubbing on Capitol Hill is fun and all. But you’re really in it for the delicious, cream cheese-slathered hot dog at the end of the night.

Riding the ferry to West Seattle for a mini vacation

It’s the perfect escape from the city without actually, you know, leaving the city.

Wahclella Falls
Wahclella Falls | Flickr/Thomas Shahan

Calling yourself an explorer after going on one hike

Take a look at Tinder profiles around Seattle and you’ll see tons of pictures of beautiful forests, mountains, and waterfalls. But don’t be fooled -- that hottie probably doesn’t know the Cascades from the Olympics.

pike place market
Flickr/Stefano Tilli

Getting fresh fruits and veggies at Pike Place Market

They have a wide array of offerings!  

Building a bonfire at Golden Gardens

There’s simply nothing more relaxing than this on a summer’s night.

seahawks fans
Flickr/Joe Parks

Turning into a Seahawks fan even though you don’t watch football

You may not know the first thing about football, but the spirit of the 12th man runs through your veins.

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Cody Permenter is a freelance writer for Thrillist. Follow him on Twitter.