Seattle's About to Get Smashed by a Historic Windstorm. Here's What You Need to Know.

Attention Seattleites: another severe windstorm is headed your way this weekend, and it's looking like it'll be one for the record books.

In addition to the wet and windy weather that hit Seattle on Thursday, this second storm originated as part of typhoon Songda in the Pacific, and is set to make landfall on Saturday night. According to the National Weather Service, it has the potential to be one of the most extreme weather events to hit the region in the last 10 years -- the last one being the deadly Hanukkah Eve Storm in December of 2006. 

If current forecast models hold, a worst-case scenario could mean flooding, sustained wind speeds up to 40mph, and powerful gusts as high as 75mph. In other words, this isn't a storm you want to be unprepared for. If you don't already, follow the NWS's local Twitter account for updates on the storm's progress, and make sure you've got plenty of candles/backup batteries in case any power outages occur. Check out the Seattle Office of Emergency Management's windstorm preparation checklist for more detailed info.

Of course, anything could happen between now and Saturday night, with the storm potentially tracking farther to the north or south, but even if it doesn't reach its full historic potential, conditions are bound to be extremely hazardous (to say the least). Stay safe.

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