The 20 Most Instagrammed Places in Seattle

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Where do you think the BEST place to Instagram in Seattle is? Well, we know it. How? With cold. Hard. Numbers. We ran the data through our incredibly advanced supercomputer, and after numerous beeps and blinking lights, came out with a list of the 20 most popular spots to snap some shots based on where people have geotagged themselves around the city.

20. The Aquarium

Yes, technically it is on the waterfront, but don't sleep on this former dockside warehouse-turned-sea creature preserve. It deserves a spot on the list for its selection of seriously adorable seals/otters alone. And for staying open while they dig the tunnel.

19. Seattle Art Museum

If you had a giant metal statue with moving arms standing next to you, you'd be pretty popular on Instagram too. Will it get you more followers? Maybe. But, honestly, probably not. #nonewfriends.

18. Green Lake

This urban oasis is pretty good for running about, but it's even better for taking pictures of. Obviously.

17. Paramount Theatre

From Nirvana's famed Halloween show a month after Nevermind to… ugh, Little Big Town, apparently, this old-school performance hall has hosted almost every band you want to see. And, as evidenced by LBT, some you don't.

16. Woodland Park Zoo

About 97% or so of the photos taken at this Phinney Ridge animal park involve children looking through glass at gorillas. Or tigers. Or lions. Oh my!

15. Golden Gardens

Don't get us wrong, Golden Gardens is great (those sunsets!), but there are only, like, three beaches in the entire city, so it's not like people are starved for choice when it comes to posting sandy shots online...

14. Seattle Center

Not as cool as the Space Needle, but yeah, seems about right at No. 14.

13. The original Starbucks

It's not nearly as beautiful as the Cap Hill roastery, but people keep taking pictures of the "original" Starbucks. Even though the first store actually opened about a block away.

12. Kerry Park

How is this park, which you may remember Julia Stiles driving by on her way to high school in Tacoma (!) in 10 Things I Hate About You, not number one? Seriously.

11. Seattle Waterfront

A great place to park your car when you’re about to head to the next spot on this list...

10. The Great Wheel

In just a few years, this massive, waterside Ferris wheel has become a tourist mainstay, and also a popular place for editors of a certain lifestyle website to get busted trying to sneak in booze...

9. Gum Wall

Probably not quite as popular now that it's been steam-cleaned, but you should still probably go… if only to help get it started again.

8. Chihuly Garden and Glass

A forest of glass plants, where the dearly departed Fun Forest used to be (aka, right next to the EMP), and from which you can see the Space Needle.

7. EMP

If the strangely curving metal exterior and series of music-/sci-fi-related exhibits inside aren't enough for you, the restaurant has tater tots for just $4 during happy hour.

6. University of Washington

To be fair, most people probably take pictures of UW so that Wazzu grads know what a real college looks like.

5. Gas Works Park

We'd NEVER tell you to do something you shouldn't, so don't you dare hop that fence to get an even better look at the park's famous decommissioned machinery.

4. CenturyLink Field

Glad someone snapped this shot from the SoDo stadium's parking lot before the entire thing's covered in condos.

3. Safeco Field

It's fitting that Safeco's the third-most popular place to post on Instagram, after all, that's about as high as you’d expect the Mariners to finish in the AL West. In a good year.

2. Space Needle

Even on a foggy/cloudy day you can see the Space Needle lit up, presumably in honor of Seattle's favorite -- and now legal -- green substance. Or, like, the Seahawks or something.

1. Pike Place Market

This time of year it's safe to assume this photo was taken around 3:30 in the afternoon, which means there's just enough time to grab some warm donuts at Daily Dozen.

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Bradley Foster is a former Thrillist editor who has been to every one of the above places, and has even taken pictures, which he did not post to Instagram, at a few of 'em.