No matter what you're buying, when you pony up for top-of-the-line goods, the last thing you want is to look just like the top-of-the-line jerk next to you. Get truly limited edition everything at 20ltd.com. The concept driving this London-based e-tailer is as daring as it is caveman-simple: 20 different exclusive items -- from wallpaper to humidors -- on sale at any given moment, all in varying states of sold-outedness. Once the stock of, say, 15 polished granite dumbbell sets sells out (or all five black cashmere-lined Fur Hammocks get claimed), that's it -- they're gone forever, to be replaced by a comparably scarce product from 20ltd's browseable Next 20 list. The takeaway? You'll be outfitted with goods so rare, you'll have to spin the globe and point to find a guy with the same -- and who cares if he's riding "your" hand-built motorcycle if he lives at the bottom of the sea?If what you want's on deck (but not yet buyable), sign up to get an email when it goes on sale -- though you may have trouble finding your alert among the cruel e-taunts of friends who saw you and some random dude accidentally dressed like the Doublemint twins.