Studying abroad has long imbued young Americans with worldly know-how, like how to black out at a beer hall, and how to successfully smoke hash. For overseas schooling that wasn't limited to getting wasted, check out BRNDNU

Founded by an American who spent his Sydney study-abroad diving deep into the world of sneakers, NU's the exclusive US online retailer for various labels out of Australia/New Zealand and Scandinavia, two regions united by their fashion-forward creativity, underserved American presence, and... BRNDNU. Kicks from Sweden's Gram (classic designs in materials like corduroy and denim) are highlighted by the 420g, brown-or-black leather hi-tops with respective contrasting toes in blue and brown; Gram's SE line adds exclusivity, with an individually-numbered run (800 each in white and black) of an eponymous, thick-coated-cow-leather trainer with moisture-absorbing mesh lining, ergonomically shaped insoles, and silicone arch support (no longer just for your grandma). NU's other Swedish label, Sneaky Steve, drops 12 brand new offerings, like a three-lace, black-or-white mid-cut chukka called Money In The Bank: made from perforated leather, it merges the staid preppy of the loafer with the unwashed ballin' of mesh shorts

Over the next few weeks, NU's rolling out exclusive AustroZealand brands, including eyewear line Cassius and skull-tinged clothier Danny Darko; the late start suggests that even study abroad success stories can be derailed by the Rubik's Cube of hash.