Ellsworth Ride

The cutting-edge of bike technology shouldn't be reserved for 'roided-out Tour de Francers or gravel-eating, off-road stunt junkies. Coming to the rescue of the casual enthusiast: The Ellsworth Ride.Ellsworth combines minimalist precision with low-rider good looks in their performance cruiser, The Ride -- the first bike to feature a gearless drive train. The industry-first transmission routes power through a set of rotating spheres with continuously variable ratios -- meaning no grinding noises, missed shifts, hunting for the right gear, or pant legs so badly shredded island castaways are compelled by pity to share coconuts with you. The frame itself is constructed of ultra-lightweight aluminum, with carbon fiber fenders, and adjustable ergonomic handlebars (ribbons and basket not included). Additionally, the Ride introduces unique, low-profile rims shod w/lightweight tires that simultaneously maximize traction while minimizing the very rolling resistance that's responsible for bike riding's hateful dependence on physical exertion.Scoring a revolutionary piece of transportation history never comes cheap, though opting for the basic model instead of the limited-edition, belt-driven Signature Series will save you a thou. Whichever ER you choose, the relaxed touring you'll be doing will be nearly as effortless as not riding a bike at all.