Old school kicks for new school style

While Thrillist generally frowns upon (okay, urinates on) fads, we're pretty damn happy that it's now socially acceptable for us to wear sneakers whenever the hell we want. These days you can even sport the things with a suit; so you can be comfortable at work, and run away faster when your embezzling is discovered. Problem is, we're not content with the make and model Puma has apparently donated to every unemployed DJ in Manhattan. We refuse to follow, and we demand the best, even when it lands us dangerously close to welfare. That's why we're touting Flight Club New York, a sneaker consignment store near Washington Square that opened last Saturday. Flight Club boasts an unmatched collection of old school kicks. That includes rarities you'd normally be lucky to find on Ebay-i.e., early 90's hi-tops and mint condition, low production Air Max '95s-as well as truly singular models. Our favorite: Atlanta Hawk throwbacks with "The Dirty" inscribed on the outside heel. If you can't fathom that magnificence, picture Dominique Wilkins in a hot tub, pouring champagne from his Size 15's onto the breasts of a naked hoops groupie. (Or, if you're truly demented, sub in Spud Webb for 'Nique.) The anonymous consigners who provide Flight Club's inventory set their own prices; though the store does recommend a figure based on age, availability, condition, and the always volatile Sneaker Market. As a result of this evil economic indicator, higher end models-housed separately on glass encased shelves-can command up to $1500 a pair, though many of the sneaks sell for under $200. That's pricey, but not so bad you'll end up in a rehab center for clothes whores. (Which, incidentally, is located in the same Arizona town where you got over your human whore addiction.) If dropping this much on shoes leaves you feeling uncomfortably metrosexual (which it probably should,) treat your newest acquisitions to a little manhood ceremony: lace up your vintage kicks, steal the puma-wearing DJ's date, and trample the dreams of anyone else who thinks they have cooler shoes than you.