Stylish threads get a brick-and-mortar

Since its inception a few months ago, Flight Club LA's been sitting almost alone on Fairfax -- fine for those who enjoy standing around naked in $300 Nikes, but annoying for anyone hoping to knock out multiple wardrobe needs at once. The brand new solution to this fleshy quagmire: The Hundreds

Previously an online skater shop best known for their ubiquitous "The Hundreds Is Not A Crime" sticker, the brand's new retail operation offers gear exclusive to their modest storefront. Along with zigzag-seamed Public Label flannel and woven-leather bomber jackets, The Hundreds' stock-in-trade are their tees: $29 colorfests in (shockingly) hundreds of styles. The collection ranges from simple prints of Super Mario-esque exploding bombs, to complex re-renderings of Led Zeppelin album covers -- for a look that says, "I'll use all kinds of live fish during sex, but I'll always faithfully incorporate this classic mud shark"

As a bonus if you don't trust your own fashion sense, use the shop's digital photobooth, which instantaneously posts pics online, letting your friends issue a "looks good" or "moron" edict before you commit to buying. Just don't hit the photobooth until after you've thrown on your potential purchase -- otherwise, you'll be NSFW except for ridiculous lime green Air Force 1s.