James Heimer Illustration

Buying posters at local concerts can be a great way to remember good times, but how can you really be expected to carry one with your hands zip-tied behind your back? You shouldn't be, and that's why there're prints from James Heimer Illustration

A UArts grad who forged connections with independent bands, labels, and promo outfits while interning at the Trocadero, Heimer's selling signed & numbered limited-edition prints of gig-promo signs for a range of smaller acts and venues in Philly (plus some others across the country), drawing inspiration from everything from John Waters to '70s Polish film posters (note: if said posters throw a grenade at you, just take the pin out and throw it back). Local action includes a range of individual and multi-piece sets promoting gigs at Doylestown's Siren Records, including one for Philly-based hardcore act Paint It Black with an afro'd skull wearing a translucent yellow gas mask, and another set of five R. Crumb-reminiscent jobs featuring everything from a pirate toting a booty-filled chest to a bisected mermaid swapping out her tail for legs, all to rep a release tour for locals The Wonder Years, who hotel owners will tell you are a bunch of Savages. Less-local/still-awesome works include a bunch for Lone Star State shows, including a human-esque figure being force-fed feathers, pimping a band called Health; a yellow number with a pair of sunglasses being lowered to reveal gaping mouths in place of eyes, touting indie rockers Wavves; and an aqua serpent promoting the band Abe Vigoda, which doesn't make a lot of sense, because that band is dead

Heimer also offers a "Mystery Tube" packed with 10 random concert posters, described as "a great opportunity to cross 10 people you don't really give a damn about off your gift lists so take advantage!", but then again, how the hell are you going to get the addresses of the other guys in the Ugly Kid Joe show paddy wagon?