Modern Amusement

Travel is the ultimate inspiration, opening up possibilities for the mind, the heart, and the highly original listing of "Travel" in the interests section of your Facebook profile. Claiming globetrotting as inspiration for their new Fall line, Modern Amusement.Just descending upon DC, Modern's Fall is actually comprised of three semi-distinct collections -- Montauk, Copenhagen, and Tokyo -- each drawing on "insight from a global perspective and jet-set lifestyle", which in the case of Copenhagen also necessitates an unshakable belief in mermaids. The northeastern-beachy Montauk starts out with boardshorts (from the polka dot "Dot Ascension" to the diagonally striped "Birdcage"), then moves on to striped shirts (the red "Rope Polo", the green/white "Sky Fade Crew"), and tons of graphic tees, like the big-haired bikini girl "Blanket Babe Crew", and the red or black "Feathered Daggers Crew" with two knives crossed in an "X", but not two swords, because that never happened, no matter what Steve said. To ward off Scandi-shivers, Copenhagen's strength is outerwear, like the lightweight poplin, "Viking Blue" or black "Corking Jacket"; the Merino wool, horizontal striped "Ramble Hooded Cardigan"; the blue and orange, poly/fleece "Junketeer" track jacket; and the double-breasted, twill "Excursion Trench Coat", for when you're feeling both wanderlust, and showing-your-junk-to-stranger lust. Finally, Tokyo, offers up everything from buttondowns (the green "Hajiko" and the double-pocket'd, black or purple "City Street") to hoodies, like the popcorn fleece "Betaken Pullover", and the brown cotton/fleece zip-up "Humdinger", ideal if your other Facebook interest is "Laughter".