Property Of

There's a long tradition of one artist finishing another's work: Raffaello rounded out Michelangelo's The Creation of Man, while Spielberg rounded out Kubrick's Man's Creation of Cloying Android Gigolos. Finishing up each other's sweet bags, Property Of.

Just arrived in DC, Property's just-dropped Fall/Winter line is carefully constructed by a Singapore-based duo who trade off either starting or finishing each piece in order to keep the creative juices flowing, even though spilling one drop of those juices on the sidewalk is punishable by murderous caning. New models include the washed-cotton Carter Sling and Carter Big Tote, each with adjustable heavy cotton shoulder strap, large zip pockets, and leather trim; the waxed-cotton Joe Day and Joe Cycle, each with cotton twill lining and a concealed flap zip-pocket; and the nylon-twill lined, leather-strapped Alfie Book Bag, available in either coated cotton jacquard or "oiled denim", regrettably edged out by "The Rippers" for Uncle Jesse's band name. Also just released is a collection inspired by the aesthetic of the "average guy" in different fashion capitals, like the Army-brown, wax-cloth Guy New York, the shiny bronze, nylon/polyester Guy Paris, the "wet look" blue/brown suede Guy Tokyo, and the heavy black nylon Guy Berlin with a large, concealed front-zip pocket for holding leather masks and know, average Berlin guy stuff. Go ahead, touch it.

Not everyone's a bag guy, so Property's also got a slew of wallets, cardholders, and pouches, most carrying oddly simplistic monikers like "Ben", "Phil", and "Ed", with the outlier being "G. Love", from which you can draw cyber-credits to pay for Jude Law's special robot sauce.