Dark Bunny Tees

Sci-fi flicks often use futuristic adverts to great satirical effect: the commercials in Robocop served as portents of corporate dictatorship and a flippant attitude towards nuclear holocaust, while those in Idiocracy warned us about the risks of...Ow my balls!!!! Now applying that same humor to classic flicks, Dark Bunny Tees

Dreamt up by illustrator/ animator/ former video-game journo Alex Chenery, Bunny takes aspects of his favorite films and turns them into promotional material for hyper-capitalistic businesses, partly for social commentary, and partly because he wanted cine-threads that didn't merely "show Chunk doing the truffle shuffle" (who needs more belly on their belly?).

The more old-school shirts have a faded, cracked-print style, and include the Nightmare-ish Krueger's Realty ("Making your dreams a reality"), a Warriors-riffing Triple Gang Tee Box Set (Rogues Dark Beer/Furies Little League Coaching/Gang Subway Map), and a 'Mad' Max Rockatansky job offering "Safe Passage on Furious Roads", with payments accepted being "fuel, guns, ammunition, food, and information" ("Jews control Hollywood" will get you from Melbourne to Perth).

There's also more recent, less-faded fare, from the Shaun of the Dead Fried Gold Recruitment Farm with zombies handing out Cornetto and coffee, to the straight-up Anchorman riff Sex Panther ("60% of the time, it works every time" works 100% of the time).

For a meta-riff on this line's inspiration, there's even a Robocop shirt hawking pseudo-product Directive 3, "The baby food that upholds the Law" -- making this an ad-based parody of a movie that satirizes ads and...Ow my brain!!!!

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