Sneaker boutique rises from the dead

People are never reincarnated as exactly the same thing -- if they were, humanity would never progress and, knowing that they're not all former war criminals/Bay City Rollers, cockroaches wouldn't be so fun to step on. Coming back with the same game but a brand new guise, Foot Patrol.

In a new location after a two year hiatus, this once-vaunted trainer boutique has been reborn as a Japanese-inspired "shop-within-a-shop": step through the main entrance, and you'll find a "chill-out area", past which they've erected a long, wooden, pitched-roof cabin equipped with sliding display rails and back/front mirrors, "an optical illusion that appears to extend the store to infinity" -- a long stroll, but at least you'll have comfortable shoes. They're reopening with a trove of rare deadstock, including '04 Nike Dunks in seven colourways and Air Max Grey Lavas, plus Adidas Consortium Stockholms, Kegler Supers, Mastermind Hardlands, and Hawaiis, which oddly come in two colours, not five-oh. Their unique display also houses fresh Adidas ObyO styles (stunning collabs with the U.S.'s Jeremy Scott, Japan's Kazuki Kuraishi, and LA's David Beckham), Converse First String, and the Vans Vault collection; armed with a coveted Tier Zero account -- which secures first dibs on the best Nikes -- they've also raided collections ranging from ultralight, premium-material Nike Sportswear, to the clean-look, 80s-style "Undercovers", who often infiltrate the criminal ranks by masquerading as "Pimp-souls".

Further shodding comes courtesy of homegrown Pointers, plus international names including Pro Keds, Red Wing, and Spring Court: a French company that stepped into tennis in the late Thirties, around the time British glory died -- only to be reincarnated as Greg Rusedski. No, Tim Henman. Definitely Andy Murray.