Tees from footy's birthplace

Discovering forgotten facts about your hometown can inspire great pride -- imagine the satisfaction Bath residents must've felt learning their city was literally a bath for the Romans, thereby putting its hygiene habits 2000 years ahead of the French, and counting. Recently uncovering their town's footballing past, GoalSoul.

Soul's a line of passionately drawn, black or white, red-splashed footy tees launched by a couple of lads from Sheffield, which they only just found out birthed the first modern football club back in 1857, long before earning its current status as "Birthplace of Modern Male Striptease". Many pieces betray an infatuation with violence both noble and ignoble, as with "Cause and Affect" (Croatia captain Zvonimir Boban fighting a late-communist era riot policeman while defending a fan, above his quote "Here was I, a public figure about to risk everything...for one cause"); "Serious Infraction" (Zidane's headbutt -- hey, if it was your sister...), and "Violent Conductor", a three-frame story of Brazil's Leonardo fracturing American Tab Ramos' skull in the '94 World Cup (amazingly, despite the concussion, Ramos still had the sense to clutch his knee). Further potential goalposts include "Polyglot FC", with football written out in a dozen languages, "Global Quarters", showing a dot-composed world map w/ darker spots for Cup host cities, and "Hairdryer Treatment": a big red appliance printed with "Made in Glasgow", an homage to Sir Alex Ferguson's up-close-and-personal pep talks, which'd be a lot harsher were his breath not permanently hubba bubbly.

Coming soon's a line of more subtly decorated "Classic Polos", sporting a logo of a keepy-uppy playing figure with both a halo and a demonic tail, which'd be more pronounced if he lean Dover.

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