Graphic Nothing

Just because you fail to realize your earliest ambitions doesn't mean you can't use the knowledge you gained in their pursuit -- after all, didn't Vinnie Jones' MMA career benefit immeasurably from his limited but still valuable experience with football? Pouring his youthful aspirations into his adult art career: the man behind Graphic Nothing.

Graphic's a colourful collection of angular, geometric designs often inspired by science, put out by a Manchester illustrator who had early ambitions as "an entomologist (insects) paleontologist (fossils), or space-ship model maker" (Virgin?). Examples include

Boxy Music: Each of these four bold cubes has a different facet missing, creating an oddly hypnotic three-dimensional effect that's purely For Your Pleasure

Op-Art Elephant: A vaguely psychedelic pachyderm with its black & white outlines expanding to infinity, part of the "Eleph-Art" series, wherein each animal's dimensions follow the "golden ratio" -- math that, unless you're an elephant, you've probably forgotten.

Blast Off! This triptych homage to youthful adventure sees the rocketship from Tintin's Destination Moon on the pad, launching, and shooting into space (Snowy would really Laika to go home now).

Because he's also apparently interested in law, the artist's Remix Series "explores when copyright ceases to mean anything" by recreating iconic paintings (The Mona Lisa, The Scream...) using 140 solid-colour circles, and, with the help of 144 dots, timeless album covers like Thriller and Pet Sounds -- like a dog's whimper, the sound one makes when Vinnie has a Jones for your balls.

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