London artist makes a scene

Everyone's got their own cherished cinematic moments -- for instance, some people's favorite part of Trainspotting is when Begbie and Sick Boy leap from the closet, while others' is going up to the lead singer and asking "How's 'Drops of Jupiter' treating you, old guy?". Putting his own favorite moments on your walls, the Londoner behind Old Red Jalopy.

Starting with sketchbook doodles the artist builds into full-fledged works of pop-culture art, Jalopy's ever-expanding collection's built around perhaps under-appreciated scenes and quotes from mostly well-known films, unless you're very young, in which case Cuckoo's Nest is as obscure as "Indians". That style encompasses everything from Jaws's Chief Brody's defiant "Come chum some of this s**t", to Die Hard's John McClane's exasperated "No F***g s** lady! Do I sound like I'm ordering a pizza?", to The Italian Job's Charlie Croker's cliff-hanging "Hang on a minute lads, I got a great idea" -- presumably followed by "Somebody get me Mark Wahlberg's agent!". Jalopy depicts TV shows as well, though many of those favorite moments involve jaw-droppingly cheesy opening narrations like those to The A-Team and Knight Rider, which are printed out next to detail shots of their iconic black vehicles (there are also a few portraits, like Battlestar Galactica's Dirk Benedict, from back when Starbuck actually had beans).

Jalopy also dives into music, with an aging "When the Man Comes Around" Johnny Cash alongside "Behold a pale horse" -- which also totally describes Robert Carlyle's favorite part of The Full Monty.