Prints by Claudia Varosio

Published On 06/11/2010 Published On 06/11/2010

The boast "I did it my way" is typically associated with brash men, like Sinatra and his influencing of presidential races, bedding hundreds of women, and threatening to break Woody Allen's legs, or Sid Vicious, and his existing. Doing it her way in slightly subtler fashion, poster artist Claudia Varosio

This London graphic designer maintains a flourishing online shop of prints inspired by her favourite films, all liberally re-imagined with a bold simplicity that echoes book covers from the 60s and 70s, and available either vertical, horizontal, or square (though that's really more reminiscent of the 50s).

The latest batch runs from a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid pencil-drawn locomotive, to crossed The Squid and the Whale tennis racquets, to a Pulp Fiction riff with a dancing Uma Thurman and John Travolta depicted sans facial features (swap Uma for Nick Cage and you've got...a terrible movie).

Older stuff includes a green-backed Fight Club hallucinogenic penguin, fifty neatly stacked eggs filling the frame of Cool Hand Luke, and a Ferrari-equipped Ferris Bueller's Day Off take with sunglasses on the "A", because while an impressive cross-section of high schoolers loved Ferris, everybody loved The Fonz.

Diverging from cinema is a selection of Bowie lyrics accompanied by appropriate imagery, such as "Oh Lordy, you know I need some lovin" above a pair of panties, and "I'll be a rock n' rollin' bitch for you" next to a "Martian" amp and a Fender guitar -- perfect, because as a certain Pistol proved, you don't even need a bass.



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