Regal Clothing Co.

Published On 05/11/2010 Published On 05/11/2010

Hobbies can ultimately become full-fledged endeavors -- Bill Gates' garage tinkering led to a ruthless business empire, while Steve Jobs' led to a counter-cultural, trainer-wearing, acid-inspired...ruthless business empire. Moving from hobbyist to garment king, Regal Clothing Co. Regal's the spawn of an Aberdeen-based graphic designer & dj who, after becoming "tired with what was out there", started playing around with childishly gleeful, pop-culture lampooning tees to wear himself, but's now moving towards a broader, multifaceted conglomerate of cheekiness. The newest sub-line, "Rubberdonkey and Twitch", commandeers famously homoerotic brand A&F's signature typeface and style and merges it with barnyard beasts for numbers like the boldly lettered "Seaside Rides 1946", "100% Ass", and "Island Farm Sanctuary", presumably where they exile the non-sexy rubber donkeys. Older tees include the balloon-animal zoo "Do Not Pop the Animals", the cat-butt flaunting "I can't believe it's not Bitter" ("Complete with velvet areshole... you won't be able to resist touching it!"), and "I'm Tweeting This", not advisable for anyone under 18 due to dangerous levels of redundancy. Regal's also launched a line of "Effing" greeting cards, sliding the mildly profane term into the likes of "Happy Effing Birthday", "You're an Effing Virgin", and "You're Effing Fired", which, if you lost a new iPhone at a San Jose bar recently, you should expect through the post quite soon.



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