Black Crow Wallets

Ah, Gypsies. Is there anyone else whose rides can fill you with such unabashed glee and wonderment whilst they simultaneously steal the bejesus out of your father's wallet? Give 'em a break, they were probably just trying to doll it up with records, like Black Crow.

Black Crow's a Long Beach-based company that hand-makes wallets out of classic vinyl records, started by a self described "traveling gypsy," who started wandering when she was 18 in Pennsylvania and in the years since has found herself in Yosemite, Seattle, and Lake Tahoe, where a man gave her a job in exchange for her painting of Robert Johnson -- proving once and for all that the devil does work in mysterious ways. Bi-fold "Modern" wallets are literally made out of actual, original records, which are cut to size, then poly-coated, shape-sanded, and fused to a high-quality black vinyl wallet, with one side displaying the record's inner hole and, the other side, part of the album cover -- unless they're doing Live Through This, then they display the outer Hole, too. Options include a slew of unquestionable classics, including Dark Side of the Moon, Thriller, Nevermind, and Led Zeppelin III, as well as two out-there audio recordings of 70s-era comics: Spider Man's The Mad Hatter of Manhattan and Superman's Weatherspoon's Catalyst, which started out being Charles Barkley, before later becoming any donut Clarence could get his hands on.

Black Crow also makes similarly-themed checkbook-style "Classic" wallets, as well as belt buckles made from actual guitar necks, which you'll think is filling your date with glee and wonderment before you realize she was just acting that way to steal the bejesus out of your Superman wallet.