Los Angeles
2. Quarter Sheets Pizza Club

Detroit-style pizza became a thing outside of the Motor City in the last 10 years with spots like Via 313 in Austin and Emmy Squared in Brooklyn. Since then, a number of chefs all over the country have tried their hand at interpretations of the deep-dish, sauce-on-top style. Launched in 2020, this pizza pop-up bills itself as “Glendale’s #1 least authentic Detroit-style pizza.” Known as much for its take on the Midwest-style pizza as it is for Hannah Ziskin’s incredible desserts (aka House of Gluten), you can order pies and sweets for pickup on Friday and Saturdays. The menu for the week drops Wednesdays at 5PM so be ready to order in advance (they sell out fast). And look for a brick-and-mortar location coming to Echo Park this fall.
How to Order: Via Tock starting Wednesdays at 5PM (for Friday and Saturday pickup)

3. Elio’s Wood-fire Pizza
Echo Park

If you’ve ever driven by Circle H Liquor Mart in Echo Park on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night, you’ve probably noticed a crowd of people queuing up in the parking lot. No they’re not waiting to stock up on weekend booze, they’re waiting for pizza; namely Elio’s pizza (and no not the frozen 1980s kind). Elio Lopez first launched the concept in summer of 2019, with years of LA kitchen experience under his belt. Unknowingly, his setup (now a full-fledged food truck with wood-fired oven) was much more COVID friendly than the many brick-and-mortar establishments who were forced to close come early 2020 and he continued to sling fire-charred pies throughout the pandemic to the delight of locals and fans.
How to Order: Get in line Thursday-Sunday starting at 4:30PM.