Los Angeles City Originals Bash

Dear Angelenos,

We've just angrily informed a talking paperclip that we'll "just type the letter with no help", and now we want to invite you to a loft party: The Los Angeles City Originals event, thrown with bounteous assistance from Newcastle Brown Ale.

Held for three glorious hours at The Lofts @ Hollywood and Vine, City Originals will take over two penthouses and a rooftop whose view of the LA skyline is as awe-inspiring as the view at The Lofts @ Peoria, Illinois is aw-inspiring. Attend, and you'll get DJs, live art creation from local up-and-coming creative wunderkinds, and plentiful suds poured expertly from an armada of Draught Kegs – 10-pint wonders that'll make you feel like you're toting around a British pub, minus the television always tuned into Upstairs, Downstairs.

As rooftops are generally only so big, the guest list is first come, first serve. To snag a slot for you and a guest, RSVP at thrillist.com/laoriginals -- it's so easy, you won't even need help from that stupid paperclip. Unless you're locked out of your apartment. RSVP now, continue massaging temples in frustration later.

©2009 Newcastle Importers, White Plains, NY. Enjoy Newcastle Brown Ale Responsibly.