140 Pix

Themes make everything more fun. No? Wait, you're saying that's not a Carnie Wilson novelty mask you're wearing? Bummer. Theming their photo gallery pics nonetheless, 140 Pix.

Started by a web editor at the OC Register, 140 pix is a just-launched blog that collects personal twitpics from all over Southern California, edited uber-specifically with keywords that tie each post together thematically, yet give them the kind of enjoyably unpredictable randomness previously only experienced by guessing what movie TBS is going to choose to show on Thursday at 2:35am (answer: The Pallbearer). Pics within an entry can range from the mundane to the ridiculous, (i.e. a post using the theme "goodbye" includes both a photo of an empty White Castle box from a bygone trip to Toledo and a cartoon of a girl painting a wall), all found using a proprietary search engine that employs both the keyword and the poster's location -- which has to be within an approx. 100mi radius of Hesperia, finally giving Hesperia an actual reason to exist. Other recent posts include an ode to mostly-beachy sunsets, pics of various permutations of cheese, and one called "Breakfast Of Champions, Really?" that includes snapshots of everything from Corn Flakes and tacos to Mickey Mouse pancakes and M&M's, which are labeled the "Sad Girls Breakfast of Champions", barely eking out self-hate, and Grape Nuts.

140 also takes user suggestions and is planning on expanding to other cities soon, so you can-- wait, excuse me, let's get this straight: you're really not going to sign this "Hold On" cassette single?