Two stony chefs dole out some of the city's best food

Photo: djjewelzThe stoner's mind is in constant need of fresh stimulus -- if that weren't true, then why are you always up at 4am, and why do you even know Ron Popeil's name? For a restaurant that's a critic's darling but won't be critical of your, um...habit, there's Animal.Photo: ramenraffThe original location from trail blazing (and just regular blazing) caterers/Food Network personalities The Food Dudes, Animal's concept is one of constant change, embodied by the rotating collection of art that dresses up the otherwise stark room, and the broad, copper-top bar that's patina'd nightly with stains from whatever happens to spill on it, be it soy sauce, wine, or the lonely tears of a man who knows what patina means.Photo: djjewelzThe menu flows with the farmer's market, with inspiration ranging from American (pork ribs w/ bacon potato salad), to Asian (baby halibut sashimi), to Caribbean (jerk yellowtail collar), but offal's always the star, showing up everything from this here crispy pig head...Photo: oxtail poutine. And for washing down your veal brains or chicken fried sweetbreads, the house wine ("Animal House") is a constant, but everything else on the list will be quickly changed out for a replacement, then, like Drew Bledsoe, never heard from again.