Your most embarrassing messages, online

It's been proven time and time again that technology can come back to haunt you, especially if you live in a creepy mansion with Eddie Murphy. For even more real-world proof, hit up Audioo.

From a local tech-geek whose last project was an online repository of downloadable sound effects, Audioo's also a repository, this time utilizing embarrassing voicemails uploaded by users who received the messages from their friends -- or, once this site takes off, "friends." After upload, each message's transcribed and posted as both a text and audio file, with examples from various area codes including:

(718): A UPS guy calls a customer to pick up leftover boxes, which he's worried about 'cause he thinks they may be holding a ferret, a point he emphasizes by swearing, then saying "I don't cuss unless I'm serious about something" -- well, sh**.

(917): A clearly pale guy tries to convince a girl to come over by letting her know that "to answer your question, I put on sunscreen even if it is pitch dark outside, literally... I got some spf 80 here. I got some spf 90. I got some spf 1000. Seriously, I'm just tryin' to get you to my house so we can make out. Just come on over. I got the spf whatever. And uh, we'll go hang out in the sun. Or not. It doesn't matter." Hmmmm... actually it kind of does.

(Unknown): A slightly upset dude tells another that he is "a motherf***er um, and I am gonna kill you, and not attend your funeral, suck." But only because he sucks, definitely not because he murdered him.

Audioo's got instructions on how to upload your own, plus a voicemail box you can call if you're feeling lonely/pranky, or just need someone to talk to that isn't a crystal ball haunted by the spirit of a gypsy.