Average Cats

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, you've learned two seemingly irrefutable truths about cats: they can has cheezburger, and they're wildly inaccurate. Setting things straight, Average Cats.

Started by the same UCLA undergrad duo behind MyLifeIsAverage, Average Cats is a LOLCats-parodying blog, juxtaposing Hallmark-cute feline photos with cut-and-dry captions that celebrate the fact that cats really aren't extraordinary at all, no matter how much lasagna they may be able to eat. Some typically matter-of-fact examples:

A silver and white cat that vaguely resembles a snow leopard sits next to the Mac OS X Snow Leopard operating system: "The animal in the OS X box picture is not related to the animal on the right. The package has a picture of a snow leopard and the animal on the right is an Egyptian Mau cat. Snow leopards are a completely different species. The most striking difference between domestic cats and snow leopards is the significant size difference."

One cat stares at another cat on a computer screen: "Cats can't really use the internet."

A black cat sits at a table "holding" a hand of cards: "Cats can't play cards. Their paws are too small to hold them. Also, they would not know when it was their turn."

The cast of the Broadway production Cats poses for a picture: "These are people. They are not cats."

There's also occasional extra commentary from the site's founders, and the site welcomes submissions from users -- so you can show the world that you has no life.