Aviator Nation

Committing yourself to research can pay huge dividends: after all, your fantasy football team would just be average if you didn't study drafting patterns, allowing you to snag a certain Pittsburgh Steeler out from your idiot friends' noses. Kordell Stewart in the second round?!? Yes, please! Also benefiting from diligent research: Aviator Nation

From a former photographer living in Venice, AN's an ultra-comfortable tees/sweats/hoodie company whose founder spent years studying the methods used to make vintage shirts from the '60s and '70s, and then replicated them using old school screenprinting techniques, vintage sewing machines, and rarely-used inks, most likely acquired from the pink cartridge of Squiggle Wiggle pens. All the clothes are hand-stitched, with laid-back, colorful tees including a surfer cresting a rainbow, a striped number w/ an appliqued lightning bolt on the breast, and a mountain-top-scene printed henley called the "Aspen," which can't be that extreme if Peter Berg has never worn it. Aviator's also got equally-soft sweatshirts w/ multicolored hoods, polos w/ plaid breast pockets, and sweat-style "Tennis Pants" to go with your tennis shoes that've also never seen a tennis court.

In addition, they're rocking equally vintagey trucker hats, including one that reads "War is Not the Answer", which is especially accurate, since Kordell Stewart's nickname is "Slash" not "War".