Avoid This Job

Finding a job on the Internet is totally hit or miss, unless you want to boil and deliver around 75 eggs a week, or be a socially confident transexual pirate. Because then you've got some leads. For those and other jobs you'd totally dig if you're insane, check out Avoid This Job.

Started by an "under employed" Los Feliz marketing girl/writer, ATJ is a compendium of the worst job offerings on the Internet, culled from all corners of the web (but, honestly, mostly Craigslist), then categorized and called out via humorous commentary, like you during your surprise 7th Grade bday roast featuring Andrew Dice Clay. Some examples:

"Riceshion?" We don't even know how to spell it! "Presumably the "joke" subject line is supposed to indicate that you are sooo successful, you're barely even aware that a recession is going on. Whee! Unfortunately, what it actually suggests is that you are mentally challenged".

Need someone trustworthy (with references) to boil, peel, and deliver about 3 dozen hardboiled jumbo eggs about twice a week. "Is your ideal candidate only "trustworthy" when it comes to eggs and their well-being, or must they be trustworthy overall? Because someone can be trustworthily, preternaturally gentle with eggs, but not necessarily be the guy you'd trust to, say... babysit".

I am looking for a "sculpture" who likes to make very small complex shaped items with their hands. "If, at any point during my lifetime, I see a sculpture come to life and start making 'very small complex shaped objects with their hands', please feel free to kill me".

Of course, they also take submissions from readers, and you should help out because the only thing worse than someone wanting you to deliver eggs is having to run a blog about it.