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Baby's Badass Burgers

Whoever said that man can live on burgers and babes alone... wait. No one said that? Well they will now, with Baby's Badass Burgers. Started by one of the founders of the upscale-restaurant-owning One Group (STK, OneSunset, etc), BBB's a new, bright pink food truck dedicated solely to the mission of delivering "amazing burgers served by hot chicks" -- no, seriously that's their mission. All sandwiches are served as side-by-side sliders on Hawaiian sweetbread buns; high qual Angus beef burger options include the "Original Beauty" (Swiss/grilled onions/sauteed mushrooms/special sauce), the "Mamacita" (pepperjack/guac/tomato/grilled onions) and the aged beef/St Andre cheese/black truffle "Cougar", which you only order late night because, like, your friends totally dared you. As far as the girls, the multi-ethnic actress/student/etc crew ranges from blondes to brunettes to redheads, all dressed semi-provocatively in tight shirts and jeans that they describe as "flirty", and you'll describe as "blauuugh!".In addition to the slider-style burgers, BBB's also got chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, and Philly-style cheesesteaks, as well as one full-sized half-pound burger dubbed the "Man Eater", but keep your eyes on the food, because watch out boys you'll chew you up.