Best of the Best

Once again we've culled the best stuff from across Thrillist Nation, so you've got something to do... in between fencing practices? When you're not crying? During the commercial breaks of Eerie Indiana? When you're not browsing romance novellas?

Emailed to Nation:Crossfit Office Workout Responsible for the freakish man-maries of the 300 cast, CF creates quick-hitting workout routines that combine insanely high intensity and minimal rest to boost muscle/cardio fitness in under 30 minutes, a sworn-by program for everyone from pro athletes to special ops units. Get fit right here

Emailed to Atlanta: Nudie Jeans Proving Sweden can produce more than just wives for Tiger Woods, Nudie devotedly crafts tees, button-ups, and accessories, but its bread-and-butter's its naturally weathering, form-fitting dry denim, which after six months of dutiful not-washing, adjusts to perfectly accommodate your body, unless those swaggering boasts about a third leg are tragically literal. Get all naked right here

Emailed to Chicago: Bigs Bacon Sunflower Seeds Sprinkled with the ever-useful Bacon Salt (co-founded by a Chi native), this new advancement in snacking combines the joys of spitting shells at people with the unmistakable taste of bacon, and comes in other intriguing new flavors like Vlasic Dill Pickle and Frank's Red Hot Sauce, aka The Only Things Ever In Your Fridge-flavored sunflower seeds. Drool all over your keyboard right here

Emailed to Dallas: Hellen Keller Simulator What's dark, silent, based somewhere in Texas, and capable of sending you straight to hell? Drag You To Hell here


Emailed to Las Vegas: Billionaire Mafia's Fresh New Tees Now available online, the surreal, Soviet-/bling- inspired fashion line's unleashed a slew of fresh tees, like "Dino Ryder" (a pistol-packing, cowboy-hatted gray blob riding a blue dinosaur), and "Pandarama", a panda wearing an Ushanka, floating in a sea of cash-wads and gold watches -- proving that even the Russians tune in to PANDA WATCH. Pretend like you're really, really rich here