Best of the Best

As summer draws to a close, here's the best from across the Thrillist Network, to take your mind off the fact that you no longer get school vacations, unless you're a teacher, in which case enjoy the final days of your Santa Ana vacation:

Emailed to Boston:Born To Purple With a name that pays homage to the days of purple-cloaked royalty, this Boston-based online street wear boutique gives you a chance to climb the sartorial ladder by only offering what they consider the best of the best in sneaker and t-shirt labels, which are purposefully kept limited, like girl babies in China. Become the purple one

Emailed to Chicago: Das Foods Bacon Maple Lollipops Capture in candy-form that unmistakable joy that occurs when syrup meets bacon with these suckers from Chicago's gourmet sweet slingers Das Foods, who've mad-scientifically taken a maple-flavored lolly and packed in some honest-to-goodness bacon, like your elementary school backpack that week Daddy had to take you to school. Click here to fatten up your fat intake

Emailed to Nation: GigLocator Fresh into beta, GL's a free service built by a duo of depressingly-for-you young Brits (18 and 21) that'll keep you posted on the latest gig info/tix for your favorite bands/venues around the world, dispense real time email updates, recommend artists/shows you might enjoy, and find other users with similar music tastes in your area, unless you like Our Lady Peace, and live anywhere. Hit a show with a click

Emailed to Miami: WorstPizza From a guy who grew up touring Long Island's mother lode of pizza joints with his grandpa, and later became haunted by the question, "why do some pizza places suck?", deceptively-named WP sojourns South Florida to tirelessly critiques slice spots great and small, so you don't have to, breaking down each pie's experience with a tongue for detail and an eight-wedge rating format that's astoundingly similar to how Kirstie Alley home-scores the Olympics (they all win!). See, LA doesn't have the worst pizza!

Emailed to Philly: Developed in conjunction with Philly-based DreamIt Ventures, in-beta continuously delivers exactly what you want from the web, by searching for your selected topics, filtering out the junk, and delivering prioritized results directly to you, leaving you free to search for other things, like Bobby Fischer. Stop searching, right here