Best of the Best

Enjoy this tsunami of the best stuff from across our network.

Emailed to New York:Novel-T So you can finally support "the all-stars of literature", these baseball jersey-style tees feature a chest logo cleverly paired with the character/author name on the back, including a patch of grass for Whitman, a whale with the name Dick, two Poe options (tell-tale heart or raven), and for Thoreau a solitary cabin, turning your swamp ass into Walden Pond. Prove your literacy by clicking

Emailed to Dallas: Burger & Friends From a Mesquite-raised UNT sociology alum, Burger offers up wallets, sunglasses cases, and other accessories whose styles are summed up by the designer as "sci-fi meets 80s fab meets fast food"; the line's just now gaining stateside traction, but Japan hungers for it more ravenously than "1993 Wesley Snipes Style!" Oakleys. Wear your burger, don't eat it

Emailed to Nation: Tigerbow The perfect accomplice for all your romantic conquest/casual stalking needs, TB's a confidential gifting site helmed by two UPenn grads that lets you browse for and send real stuff to people you know only virtually (via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc), by acting as a proxy for the giftees' physical addresses, letting you mail them a present without ever knowing their digs, so they won't get freaked out until after your pasta sculpture arrives. Yeah, like you've ever given someone a gift...

Emailed to DC: Crooked Monkey After ruthlessly dominating the amusing-one-liner t-shirt realm, DC's own Monkey's unleashing a slew of arted-up numbers, including the radio-towered "Radio Killed Hip-Hop", the Union-Jack'd "British Boom", and the Eddie Van Halen-inspired, red & white "Guitar Camo", which unfortunately cannot hide you from Hagar the Horrible. Spank your monkey here

Emailed to San Francisco: I Am T-Pain From the South Bay-based mobile app maker Smule and officially licensed by the inventors of auto-tune, IATP gives anyone with an iPhone and three bucks the chance to sound as awesomely annoying as T-Pain himself, without having to be in a studio, or on every Top 40 radio station ever. Are you T-Pain? Find out at