Best of the Best

This Thanksgiving, take these nuggets from across the Thrillist Network, smother them in gravy, and try not to choke on the awesomeness. Have a good weekend -- we'll be gorging on leftovers 'til Monday.

Emailed to Las Vegas:Man vs Steak: Your challenge: Singlehandedly take down The Ultimate Steak at Brand, a 120oz porterhouse that usually feeds six (+2 sides -- au gratin potatoes and one of your choice). Succeed, and it's on the house; fail, and sayonora $267.
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Emailed to New York: Emperial Nation: Inspired by five tumultuous historical periods, EN's the debut line from an eagle-eyed group of NY aesthetes who "noticed a demand...for sophisticated and meaningful designs inspired by historical events" (you're totally kicking yourself for not pouncing on this first).
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Emailed to Chicago: Ety8 Headphones: Made in the 'Cago burbs, these first-of-their-kind wireless & noise-canceling earphones use Bluetooth to let you fully control your iPod sans cords, a boon to people sick of having their wiring snag on exercise equipment/that chick from The Exorcist.
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Emailed to Miami: Paul Jacober Shirts: From a Miami Beach graphic designer, PJ produces high quality tees and polos sporting geographically inspired images that either paint startlingly accurate pictures, or totally vague yet still awesome ones, depending on how close to home they're representing.
How vague and awesome? This vague and awesome.

Emailed to Nation: Nau: Forced to shut down a half year ago, Nau's clawed back to the surface with their brand of extreme-eco-conscious gear (recycled organic fabrics, green facilities, etc), which combines "beauty, performance, and sustainability", a blend conspicuously lacking in current fashion, and your wang.
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