Best of the Best

This Halloween, be very afraid of the treats we've unearthed all across our Network

Emailed to Miami:Challah Clothing From the minds of two Fla web designers who met, then figured out they were both from Coral Springs, both Jewish, and both liked funny tees, Challah's a line of inexpensive, Jew-larious shirts that play off of pop culture, consumerism, and Jewish stereotypes, all using bitingly smart word play, aka the Chosen Puns. Be a mensch here

Emailed to Atlanta: Write My Walls Prose up your pad with this ATL-based company's self-adhesive vinyl wall wordings (favorite quotes/personalized mantras/that social security number you can never remember), which can be applied to and easily removed from painted walls, windows, mirrors, wood, and most wallpapers and tiles. You can also get loose individual letters in sets of three, in case your favorite quote is "POO". Aah, if these walls could talk. Wait, they can.

Emailed to Boston: Trendsmap For anyone who's ever wondered what people are tweeting about in Quincy -- at this very moment -- this Twitter/Gmap mash-up mines up to 5 million tweets, analyzes geographic trends, and charts it all in real time on a big virtual map of the world -- giving you firsthand knowledge that, yep, they're still talking about WaterWorks. Click to finally be trendy

Emailed to Dallas: Petite Four Pillows From a Dallas seamstress/designer, these down-filled pillows are handcrafted out of burlap coffee and grain sacks, and can be ordered custom or with the original stencil-dyed content & origin info, e.g., "Tapachula" (a relatively wealthy city in Chiapa) and "Royal" inside a red crown -- and of course between Royal coffee and the Duke of Marlboro, you've got breakfast. Get in the bag here

Emailed to Nation: Bad Fairground Art A comprehensive look at the laughably terrible murals gracing carnie game booths & rides 'round the globe, BFA's photos & commentary break it down from the not-so-bad (a shirtless MC Hammer hanging beside a skateboarding Alf w/ a ghettoblaster), to the definitely bad (a botched take on 101 Dalmatians deemed "101 Leech-infested Dog-Rabbit Hybrids") and the flat-out awful, like the depiction of a Back To The Future II scene in which Marty and Doc resemble legless, overtanned neanderthals, so...carnies. Relive the county fair here