Best of the Best

Like a cross-country road trip without your buddy's feet on the A/C vent making everything smell like cheese, we've compiled a healthy slew of awesomeness from across the great expanse of the Thrillist Network.

Emailed to SF: 823KeyProject A philanthropic bauble hawker on Telegraph Hill's distributing all profits from these handmade vintage skeleton key necklaces as grants for art projects; each brass chain's also adorned with pewter medallions individually numbered up to 823, and after the whole series is sold, the grant's bestowed, leaving some scruffy troubled-soul-in-a-loft with funding, and your shifty girl left holding the key to his art. The key party's right here

Emailed to Nation: Shirts My Way The brainchild of two Danes sick of staid office-attire options, SMW's site lets you easily tweak their premium buttondowns in so many ways, they claim there're over 7 trillion variations, scaled slightly back from their business plan's projection of "double infinity". Have it your way here

Emailed to NY: Madoff Map Snigger at others' historic misfortune on this searchable GMap of ponzi scheme victims, which shows the duped investors' geographic concentration, plus lists each client's home address -- not as hazardous as it sounds, because what's the point of robbing them now? You gonna steal their Commerce Bank pens? Who got screwed? Find out here.

Emailed to Boston: F**k You Penguin From a Boston-based freelancer who "isn't quite sure why exactly he started it", FUP's a blog designed to tell "cute animals what's what" by boldly attacking them for having the audacity to be photographed in aesthetically pleasing or, worse, delightfully dainty positions. WTF? Find out here

Emailed to Nation: McRib Locator This GMap reports sightings of McRib sandwiches: red flag=recent sighting, yellow flag=sighting 10-plus days old, and an "X" inside either one denoting a "questionable McRib sighting". Questionable? What the hell else could it be, a weather balloon? Actually, have it your way here