Best of the Best

Thrillist is pretty much everywhere; proving it, our monthly Best of the Best

Emailed to Nation:Wilson Eroti-Glass A self-described "regular mom" from "small town Ontario", Wilson produces sexually charged-to-explicit stained glass in a studio inherited from her pane-staining father, of whom she also made her first nude design, because Ontario's completely normal like that. Click here to art up your nudes

Emailed to Chicago: The Beer Soap Company In a why-the-hell-not move ("After so many years of making soap with plain ole' H2O, we decided to switch it up..."), this Midwest e-tailer's augmenting its cold-processed handmade soap bars with 25 different brews including Harp, Shock Top, Red Stripe, Guinness, Sam Adams, and Shiner Bohemian -- funny, because proto-hippies didn't bathe either. Click here to suds up

Emailed to NY: PizzaShare Drop your zip and this 'za finder will return nearby pie holes, whose on-site ranking you can boost by clicking "share". Huge red dots represent joints deemed worthy by several users (Grimaldi's, Albanese Pizza, etc) while tiny red ones represent pizzerias beloved by few (and that's just the Ray it goes). Find the drippy goodness nearest you

Emailed to San Francisco: Flip 'N Drink Somehow developed in Tahoe, this iPhone App's got hundreds of painstakingly crafted drink recipes from big-deal barmen (Gary Regan, Robert Hess, Dave Wondrich, etc), plus "all the classics". Each cocktail features detailed ingredients/instructions, a brief history, and "If you liked this, you'll love..."-style links to other concoctions, i.e., if you dug the gin/maraschino/orange Casino Royale, you might like either the Aviation or Floridita 1930 (and will definitely hate Quantum of Solace). Get soused here

Emailed to Atlanta: PickupPal 2.0 Just launching version 2.0, PuP's an online carpooling community that uses both route-matching and profiling to connect passengers and drivers both heading in the same direction, and unlikely to kill each other en route. Hitch a ride here