Big Game Grubbin'

Since LA doesn't have a football team to call our own, just throw on your old Willie Gault jersey and drown/gorge your sorrows with easy-to-make recipes from two vaunted local chefs (and one mixologist) all using ingredients easily obtainable for even a novice pantry Raider.

Turkey Wingsfrom Ilan Hall, The Gorbals These simple yet sweet-and-spicy wings come via the winner of Top Chef II, who now owns Downtown's ode to non-kosher Jew-food, and took time out to help you from his busy schedule creating gefilted-bacon. Get your fair-grub on here

Bacon Mac & Cheesefrom Sang Yoon, Father's Office LA's gourmet burger king appeals to your two childish sides: the one that loves mac and cheese, and the one whose jeans have considerably more elastic than most other kids. Proof that everything's better with bacon, here

Bourbon Street Bombfrom Daniel K. Nelson; TopNotch This concoction, from a celebrated drink consultant/former Doheny bartender, puts a creative spin on the Big Easy's famously potent potable, sparing you the embarrassment of having to show your man boobs. Get bombed right here