Blackboard Eats

Sure, knowledge is power, but wouldn't it be even more powerful if it came with some free stuff?? Well now it does, fool, with BlackboardEats.

Just launched, Blackboard Eats is a twice weekly e-update comprising reviews of classic/old-ish restaurants and/or specific dishes, as well as hookups in the form of deep discounts at the aforementioned establishments, because, just like in elementary school, you ain't reading squat without a treat. Eateries are chosen specifically for their quality/uniqueness, according a team of cred-loaded writers headed by a former editor of Yahoo!Food and including former staffers from The LA Times, Zagat, and Bon Appetit, which was actually founded by former AC/DC frontman Bon Scott, who faked his own death by vomit, in order to curate a magazine about food worth keeping in. Restaurants that've already signed on include Pizzeria Mozza, Akasha, and Fig, as well as Eagle Rock BBQ-house Oinkster, with 30%-or-more-off deals on everything from meals to cooking classes, as well as additional incentives like free bottles of wine, cheese plates, desserts, and...wait, what's the deal with the free wine?

Each deal's redeemable for up to 30 days from the email drop -- because knowledge may be powerful, but nothing beats procrastination.