Blood Heart Gang

Tee choices often rep the idols of the wearer, but what are you actually telling onlookers when your hero's named Coed Naked Masonry? Rep the guys that should be everyone's idols, with Blood Heart Gang tees.

From a Watts-bred guy with a heard-it-a-million-times backstory that took him from being an orphaned ward of the state to his current gig as a hoops pro in Europe, Blood Heart Gang pays homage to people who were able to make a difference in the world -- back to CafePress for you, Bloodhound Gang. Shirts're all printed with organic ink, with a short paragraph about their subject on the back and a contrast-heavy reprint of a photo of the do-gooder at their do-goodest on the front, i.e., Oskar Schindler slyly smiling as he convinces members of the Gestapo to spare his factory workers, or Nelson Mandela pensively waiting out his jail sentence, content in the knowledge that he'll one day end apartheid, and, more importantly, meet Bono. Other examples include union champion Cesar Chavez, young and fresh-faced after walking to Sacramento to deliver a seminal speech, and Jackie Robinson, crossing home plate for the first time while high-fiving white teammate Pee Wee Reese, whose namesake enjoys low-fiving himself in movie theaters.

BHG's also starting a fund to educate down-and-out youngsters about how they can use these and other heroes' lessons to make a difference in their own lives, all while launching a new shirt every month, with upcoming designs featuring assassinated Sri Lankan activist Lasantha Wickramatunga, and Crazy Horse, whose name implied he felt a certain connection to your Big Johnson shirts.