New digs for the swanky steakhouse

True success is dependent on constant expansion: witness Apple growing their business from computers to iPods and music distribution, or Louie Anderson. For expansion in the restaurant game, check out the new Boa on Sunset.Recently opened just a mile from its former locale at the Grafton, Boa's still the same high-end steakhouse, but with new decor, a heavily revamped menu, and eight times the space of the original WeHo joint, pushing it into HoJo territory. Outside, there's a 4,000sqft patio with semi-circular, lacquered-wood booths, while the interior's got a lounge ringing an Indian-Granite-topped, mirrored-bottomed bar, and semi-private cocktail room with four tabletops that flip to reveal backgammon boards; the dining room gets multicolored stacked glass light fixtures and a wall of antique booze bottles, including genuine Kentucky moonshine that hasn't been opened since Prohibition, probably because it tastes like ass compared to legal stuff. The menu's retained classics (40-day dry-aged NY strip, John Dory Meuniere, etc) and newer dishes (spaghetti & Kobe meatballs, a camembert-/garlic aoli-topped burger), as well as just now adding an inexpensive lounge menu, a new $40 3-course prix-fixe (eg, tuna tartar, filet mignon medallions, "today's mousse"), and an all-new lunch menu including a rib-eye panini w/ Gruyere, and "Brick Chicken", which you can get wrapped up, take home, and totally dominate in H.O.R.S.E.Boa's also got new artisanal cocktails like the Boa 405 (Grey Goose/strawberries/gomme syrup/lemon sour/balsamic vinegar/black pepper) and the Alchemist (Alchemia ginger vodka/Pama liquor/lemon sour/orange slices/orange bitters), as well a specialty ice machine that spits out perfect 1 1/2in x 1 1/2in cubes, which is certainly the most important part of this new restaurant.