Finding someone you're sexually compatible with is tough work, especially since very few grown women can fit into that Daffney Gillfin Snorks costume. Now pretty much guarantee it, with Boink

Just dropped outta Irvine, Boink's a simple-yet-savvy iPhone app that compares sexual compatibility by creating your bedroom profile, then allows you to share it with your potential partners -- just like your doctor told you to do with herpes, but, seriously, this time do it. Using it's simple: once you've registered, Boink'll prompt you with a series of questions and sub-questions each of which is accompanied by a sliding scale for you to rank how much you like/dislike the suggested activity; subjects range from ultra-innocent (kissing style, i.e. "tongue/no tongue") to full on not-innocent (positions, including useful diagrams and descriptions), to all the in-betweener stuff, like oral, cuddling, and foreplay -- so, at least you know you'll answer "like" for one. Once you've inputted all your answers, both partners literally tap their phones together for the app to compare them, with Boink then spitting out your percentage of compatibility, which will most likely go up once you remove furries.

The app's also got a function to tell tales of success/woes, and is planning on throwing local events this summer, which's helpful, 'cause it's a pain to have to travel far just to get to New Snork.