All breakfast, all the time

At this point, there's a food truck for just about everything, except late night buttermilk biscuits with chorizo gravy, or luscious canndddyyyy!! Knocking biscuits off that list (suck on it candy), The Buttermilk Truck

Launching Wed at The Brig, the BT's an all-breakfast, all-the-time food wagon from a former pastry chef at Bin 8945, who uses upscale ingredients and makes fresh daily all pastries and batters, which your mom taught you doesn't solve anything, but man is it delicious! The all day menu's got buttermilk biscuit sandwiches (with choice of applewood bacon, chicken apple sausage or tocino), a southwest veggie omelet w/ onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, and cilantro served with cornbread, and Hawaiian bread breakfast sliders w/ Portuguese sausage, sauteed onions, and eggs scrambled with soy sauce-esque shoyu, or as they call it in Missouri, shome. Breakfast-only items include granola w/ yogurt and berries, and housemade cake doughnuts dusted w/ powdered sugar and cinnamon-vanilla glaze, while exclusively late-night are fried chicken and housemade cinnamon waffles, and the hash browned, two eggs over easy, buttermilk biscuit, and chorizo gravy'd Buttermilk Brick, which you'll drown in slowly, off the coast, and heading nowhere

On Wednesday, the truck'll make its first stop at The Brig, where they'll be giving out shirts and tote bags and having drawings where winners get a free meal -- filling yet another gap you've been waiting for in the food truck universe, the free one.